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Billboards for Sale

Divestiture Services

As part of its divestiture services, Stark Capital assists in the negotiation with prospective purchasers and acts as an intermediary to buffer the high emotions routinely involved on both sides of an assets-purchase transaction. Stark Capital assists the prospective buyer and seller during the due diligence process by helping to collect, organize and answer questions that arise.

Summary of Services

Data Collection & Preparation of Memorandum:
Stark Capital gathers the appropriate data and organizes, analyzes and summarizes the data in a Memorandum of Sale. The Memorandum includes:
Transaction Overview
Inventory Listing
Sample Photos of Inventory
Market Map with Plotted Locations
Market by Market Competitive Analysis
Sample Agreements (Land Leases, Advertising Contracts)
Financial Overview with Cash Flow Analysis

Marketing Services:
Stark Capital markets assets to the following:
National Outdoor Advertising companies
Proprietary database of outdoor operators
Database of over 2,000 outdoor related companies
Existing Stark Capital clients

Negotiation and Due Diligence Assistance:
Stark Capital assists the prospective buyer and seller during the due diligence process by collecting, organizing and answering questions. As noted above, Stark Capital assists with the negotiation process, and Stark Capital mediates the transaction throughout the closing process.

Billboard and Tower Loans

Finance Programs Include:

Transactions typically range from $50,000 to $3 million with up to 100% financing and fixed rates on loans up to 10 years.

- Development loans for new structures. Delayed payments on new structures let you generate cash flow before your first payment is due.
- Debt restructuring to improve cash flow. Enhance your borrowing capability for expansion, new projects and general corporate purposes.
- Large equipment purchases and leases. Be assured of the best total purchase cost.

You know the value of solid long term investment.

We specialize in financing outdoor advertising and communication tower companies because we understand their unique characteristics and appreciate their potential.

We Keep Revenues Flowing

We have developed a streamlined loan process to help you get structures up and producing, and to let you move quickly to take advantage of opportunities for new locations.

Your Lender of Choice

You can reach your business and personal financial goals faster when you operate from a position of financial strength. So choose the lender who understands your requirements and your objectives

Next Step

To start your Loan Application Process see our Loan Application Checklist and Personal Financial Statement.

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