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Advisors: Should You Hire Them To Sell Your Company?

Hiring an Advisor to assist in selling your billboard company is often a topic of debate for many Independent Operators.  

Hiring an advisor can be expensive, and many operators feel like they already know who their likely buyer should be.  Often times operators feel like they know their company the best, and want to handle the entire process themselves. 

When it comes time to evaluate the need for hiring an advisor, here are some questions to ask yourself: 

  • Do I have the expertise to gather, prepare, and organize the historic and financial documents of my company in the format buyers will accept & want to see?
  • Do I have the time and database to contact all of the potential strategic and financial buyers, answer questions about the assets, and manage buyers’ expectations accordingly? 
  • Am I the appropriate person to negotiate the best deal to maximize my assets value? 
  • Do I have access to someone with experience and a “fresh set of eyes” to double check all of my land-lease agreements, easement records, ad-contracts, and financial information in order to avoid due-diligence issues?
  • Who will calm my emotions during this stressful process?
  • Do I have past deal experience to negotiate fair terms in the asset purchase agreement, and help push this deal across the finish line? 

If you have identified yourself as the primary person who can master all of the above tasks, the final question to ask yourself is- who will run the rest of my company while I’m tied up trying to sell the assets? 

Selling a company is a full-time job that takes professional experience.  Although we believe in our experience and track-record selling assets in the industry, we strongly advise any potential seller to consult an advisor they fell most comfortable with whenever they’re ready to sell.  

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Author’s Note: Chris Stark has been in the Billboard/Communication Tower Industry as a lender and advisor since the late 1990’s.  The following blog information is intended to highlight his experience inside the industry and provide value to independent operators.  The following information is based solely upon the experience of the Author and should not be used for legal or financial advice.