Billboard Brokerage

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Billboard Brokerage with Stark Capital Solutions

Whether you’re looking forward to retirement or looking to capitalize another business venture, Stark Capital’s goal is to align billboard company owners with the best-equipped buyer for each unique acquisition.  As a potential seller, your number one objective should be to have an advisor with a full database of qualified buyers, and the transaction experience to best match your assets to the right buyer.

Whether you are ready to reap the results of your hard work, or are making the largest acquisition of your career, you can be assured that all transactions entrusted to Stark Capital are of the highest priority.  

Find Out What Your Business Is Worth

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What differentiates stark capital solutions

Industry Specific Knowledge

Due to the niche aspects of billboard transactions, it is critical to have a brokerage team who understands the unique billboard industry.  Stark Capital has over two-decades of billboard transaction experience.  

High Percentage of Transaction Success

Stark Capital Solutions has successfully closed over 95% of the companies they have represented.  You can be at ease knowing Stark Capital has the skill and experience to get you across the finish line with the right buyer.

Flexible Fee Schedule

Stark Capital Solutions has a flexible fee schedule that separates them from other business brokers.  The goal of each fee arrangement is to align the interests of the client and advisor. Stark Capital only earns its fee when a transaction comes to a successful closing. 

Unique Experience

Having one of the longest-lasting private lending portfolios in the billboard industry, Stark Capital brings a unique skillset to every brokerage deal.  With decades of lending experience, Stark Capital is able to: 1) Utilize its substantial database of clients to source the best acquirer, 2) Assist buyers who need capital to fund an acquisition, and 3) Understand financial goals and constraints of the larger public companies.

Open Communication Style

The team at Stark Capital believes that an open and honest communication approach is the foundation for getting transactions efficiently closed without stress or last minute issues.      

Stark Capital Solutions has been worth every dime we’ve paid them over the years!

Multi-Transaction Client

I have been involved as a buyer on multiple transactions with Stark Capital.  I really appreciate the open communication and honest way they conduct transactions.  It reduces the stress, and makes the process much more efficient. 

VP-Public Company

The Billboard Brokerage Process


Preparing Your Company for a Successful Sale

Stark Capital assists you in the preparations that should be made before selling your company to ensure you don’t leave money on the table. 


Properly Marketing Your Company

Stark Capital helps you identify the unique characteristics of your assets, draws upon its proprietary database of qualified buyers, and creates a thorough and accurate marketing document to attract the best potential acquirers.  


Getting the Deal Closed 

Stark Capital negotiates fair purchase agreement documents, and organizes customized due diligence information to make sure the deal crosses the finish line without any surprises.