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With over 20+ Years of experience assisting operators with New Site Development, Acquisition Opportunities, and Recapitalizations, Stark Capital Solutions, Inc. has the industry knowledge and financial-capabilities to be your primary finance solution for all Outdoor-Advertising financing needs. 

By understanding this niche industry better than traditional banks, Stark Capital has successfully completed over 400 Industry-Related transactions across the country ranging from $50,000 to over $6,000,000.  

Stark Capital prides themselves on offering competitive interest rates, quick turn-around times, and providing the best funding options for your specific project needs.  We understand what your bank doesn’t and we get deals funded.

Stark Capital- Spectrum of Money Available

Stark bank funding

*Thru its affiliate FB- Stark and its affiliate bank partner


Ideal Candidates:

historically profitable companies

experienced management team

strong owner financial statement

excellent credit history

transaction sizes $250,000 - $10,000,000

Development & Acquisitions

refinancing options available

Stark Private funding

*Thru its affiliate FB- Stark


Ideal Candidates:

Newer/start-up companies

experienced management team

average credit history

transaction sizes $100,000 - $5,000,000

Development & Acquisitions

refinancing options available

Stark Private equity

*Thru its own capital and that of co-investors


Ideal Candidates:

Newer/Start-up or historically profitable companies

experienced management team

Projects requiring more capital than a lender can provide

Opportunities requiring patient capital

transaction requiring flexible repayment terms

How do I obtain a billboard Loan?


Perform your own due-diligence to ensure the project is a good opportunity for your business.


Schedule a call with Stark Capital Solutions to have a confidential discussion about the proposed financing. 


Work step-by-step with Stark Capital to provide additional financial information, and map out a successful finance option. 


Receive Funding & Grow your Company.

What makes Stark Capital more qualified to meet your Billboard financing needs?

Industry Specific Knowledge

With 20+ years of Industry-Specific Knowledge, Stark Capital Solutions understands the unique aspects of the Billboard Industry.  With having such a vast-understanding of the Industry, there will be no need to waste your time educating Stark Capital on the value of your project, or how the industry works.  You can get right down to planning the best financing plan to get your project completed.

Transaction Experience

With over 400 transactions closed in the past two-decades, Stark Capital has seen it all from smaller loans to highly sophisticated multi-million-dollar deals.  Regardless of what twists and turns occur in your project, Stark Capital Solutions can find a way to get your deal done.

Reliable Funding

Being the financial experts in the industry for over 20 years, Stark Capital Solutions has developed multiple relationships with trusted partners, from Private Investors to Community and Regional Banks.  Whether it's funding your project in one of Stark Capital’s own portfolios, or that of one of its bank partners, you can rest assured knowing your deal will get funded.

Trusted Advisors

Stark Capital Solutions has built a reputation of honesty and integrity.  The primary goal with every transaction is to find the best-financial solution possible for YOU, to ensure success in growing your Billboard company.  

What kind of a loan do you need to fuel your growth?

Request a call regarding billboard financing.