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Brokerage Spotlight: Burkhart Transaction

Burkhart Advertising, a third-generation family business based in northern Indiana was acquired by Lamar Advertising, a publicly-traded firm with over 351,00 displays across the United States and Canada. Lamar’s presence is quickly growing throughout the southern half of Indiana and approached Burkhart about the possibility of a sale. Owned by Charles Miller, Burkhart Advertising asked for help from Stark Capital Solutions to aid in a smooth acquisition process. 

Project Details: 

  • Stark Capital Solutions had longstanding relationships and deep levels of trust with both companies, giving them a unique position. 
  • Burkhart Advertising is the eight largest out-of-home company in the U.S., owning 1,540 structures with 3,262 advertising faces. 
  • Lamar’s REIT status and large interest in strengthening its northern Indiana presence created an appealing transaction structure.  

“Our family has always admired Lamar’s way of doing business and their industry-leading excellence. We have tried to emulate the way they do business, so we are excited to watch with pride and see what Lamar will do to take our business to the next level. We are also grateful for the new opportunities our valued employees will have now that we’ve joined Lamar. — Charlie Miller, CEO of Burkhart Advertising 

“Burkhart is one of the most respected multi-generational family operations in the industry, and Stark Capital has enjoyed nearly twenty years of working with Burkhart on various transactions. It was an honor to assist in the acquisition of this venerable company.” — Chris Stark, President of Stark Capital Solutions