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Financing Spotlight: Interconnect Towers

Interconnect Towers (ICT) is a growing tower operator specializing in the development of high-valued communication towers on Federal Government owned land in California, Nevada, and Arizona. Owned by industry-veteran, Tom Gammon, ICT has utilized financing by Stark Capital Solutions to organically develop 11 new tower locations supporting an impressive 19 total tenants.

interconnect towers

One of ICT’s most recent tower developments located in California on National Conservation Land (Federal Government Property) with AT&T and Verizon deployed – Financing provided by Stark Capital


  • Stark Capital Solutions provided a unique “Construction-to-Permanent” debt facility to finance ICT’s growing tower operation
  • Construction-Related Facility: Revolving drawdown line to fund related construction costs structured with an initial interest-only payment schedule
  • Permanent Facility: Traditional term loan once towers are fully constructed at a cost-effective lower interest rate

Raising debt under $5MM is extremely difficult in the Tower business. My first call in 2013 was to Chris Stark because of his experience as a lender serving that ~$5MM debt-range inside the industry. We began a funding relationship together in 2014 as that one call proved to be all the difference. After years of growth with Chris and Stark Capital, in 2021 ICT secured a $10M senior line all because I called Chris years ago.

-Tom Gammon, Owner – Interconnect Towers

The ICT company profile from 2013-2021 is an ideal example of how Stark Capital can assist growing Tower developers. ICT understood the need for reliable and efficient Tower financing solutions without the need of equity partners or selling assets. We cannot be happier to have assisted ICT with their ability to grow into a larger tower operator & secure a debt facility for their next phase of growth.

-Chris Stark, President – Stark Capital