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Site Concepts is a growing wireless telecommunications company with existing cell-tower locations covering Tennessee, South Carolina, Alabama, Louisiana, and Texas.  Owned by Industry-veterans, Dave Herring and Lee Chapman, Site Concepts’ existing customer base includes AT&T, Verizon, T-Mobile, and DISH.  The company focuses on the challenging aspects of the Tower Industry including site acquisitions, zoning, and construction management.   

Site Concepts utilized Stark Capital’s two-tiered financing product to finance 100% construction costs associated with a new cell tower location in Houston, Texas.   

  • Stark Capital provided a unique two-tiered financing solution, outlined below, to fund 100% of Site Concepts’ recent Tower site in Houston.  
  • Tier #1: “Senior Note” – The first note is a traditional sr. debt loan that was calculated based on what the tower cash flow could comfortably service on a monthly basis.  This senior loan covered 28% of the construction costs.   
  • Tier #2: “Subordinated Note” – The second note is subordinate to the sr. debt loan and covers the remaining funds needed to complete the tower.  The interest on this loan accrues until the tower is sold or refinanced; therefore, no monthly payment is due.  In addition to the accrued interest, Stark Capital shares in a small portion of the profit when the tower is ultimately sold. This subordinated loan covered 72% of the construction costs. 

“We were first introduced to Stark Capital through an article in Inside Towers.  We were looking for a unique way to fund some of our development opportunities, so we connected with Chris Stark.  Chris has been great to work with and extremely willing to try new concepts.  We have been extremely happy with Stark Capital and their ability to be flexible in finding new creative ways for funding tower development.” –Dave Herring 

“Dave and Lee are well respected and experienced tower developers.  We are grateful they put their trust in us to assist with this project and help us work out the details of this new funding program.  We look forward to a mutually beneficial relationship and helping them grow their tower portfolio.” –Chris Stark  

The construction of Site Concept’s most recent cell-tower located in Houston, Tx – 100% financing provided by Stark Capital: 

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