Equity Investments

Flexible capital for unique businesses.

In addition to the core business of providing financing and brokerage to Billboard and Cell-Tower companies, Stark Capital is also active in providing expansion funding, forming strategic equity-partnerships, and offering complete buy-out options for unique businesses outside of the billboard and cell tower industries.   

When Stark Capital started in 2003, the vision was to take the excess cash flow earned from its core services and invest in stable predictable businesses and assets.  By investing with and having great partners, Stark Capital has ownership in niche real estate properties, specialty lending businesses, and various billboard companies.

Stark Capital is particularly interested in businesses that meet the following criteria:

business model attributes that Stark Capital prefers

  • Recurring Revenue or Contractual-Based Revenue
  • Profitable Businesses in Need of Modernization
  • Businesses that Hold Proprietary Items or Patents
  • High Barrier to Entry 
  • Opportunities to Expand
  • Investment sizes between $100,000 to $5,000,000 

Industries Stark Capital likes

  • Manufacturing or Distribution of Patent Protected Products
  • Waste Management Businesses
  • Niche Rental Businesses
  • Businesses Tailored to the Senior Population
  • Unique Real Estate Investments 
  • Specialty Moving Services
  • Self & Portable Storage
  • Specialty Financing 

How do I explore options with stark Capital?


Determine if the business you own, or the idea you have meets the outlined criteria.


Schedule a call with Stark Capital Solutions to have a confidential discussion. 


Work together with Stark Capital to provide additional financial information, and map out a successful option for both parties.

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