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Top Deal Killer on M&A Transactions

Top Deal Killer on M&A Transactions

For more than 20 years, Stark Capital has had the unique opportunity to serve as the exclusive advisor representing a variety of buyers and sellers on over $145 million worth of mergers and acquisitions transactions. The deep experience our advisors obtained through first-hand knowledge of “digging through the trenches” (i.e., negotiating sale price and deal terms, working through due diligence issues, etc.) has positioned our team with a distinctive advantage to learn from hundreds of transactions.   

While any major due-diligence issue can derail a transaction, we have found that the mindset of both buyer and seller coming into an agreement on the Letter of Intent is one of the most critical pieces to getting a transaction completed in a successful and efficient manner.   

When buyer and seller don’t have an equal mindset entering a transaction, the following two scenarios typically play out:  

#1) If a buyer feels like they are overpaying, they will be looking for every opportunity to lower the sale price through due diligence.  

#2) If a seller feels like they are being underpaid, they will be less accommodating to assist through the critical due-diligence and APA phases.    

Simply put: Both parties need to be equally “running” into the transaction. 

Having an experienced advisor involved in any transaction will allow for a more efficient sale process. The advisor will be able to act as an intermediary and ensure both parties don’t hold onto any baggage that will likely surface later in the transaction.  

Our team at Stark Capital is passionate about helping others by finding the best solution for our client through each of their transactions. If you need a trusted advisor to move your transaction along smoothly, we have more than two decades of industry experience helping hundreds of billboards and cell tower operators achieve their goals. Let’s schedule a call to discuss your needs and our advising services.