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what is up with 2024

What is up with 2024?! 

Prior to each new year, we do planning for what we expect to see in the upcoming year. With interest rates as high as we have seen in 20 plus years, talk of businesses being cautious with spending, increased competition from other specialty lenders…we certainly expected a slow down in business would be logical.

What have we discovered two months into the new year???? WE WERE WRONG!!!!!

In a typical year we close around 20 transactions (1-2 transactions a month). In the months of January and February we closed 11 transactions…a record two months by a large margin! And it does not appear to be slowing down…we’ve never been busier!

So…what is going on?

We have a hunch...Actually, several hunches…

First, we have increased our capacity (size of the loans we can provide) and developed more flexible lending options. In the past we have been limited in dealing with larger loans. We have worked hard over the past several years to expand our lending capacity so that we can deal with larger transactions. Additionally, we have worked with our lenders and investors to create additional deal structures that allow us to help more operators (longer amortizations, equity investment options, etc.).

Second, flexible lending options combined with our 20+ year history in the industry is attracting high caliber of clients. We have seen a dramatic shift in recent years of size and growth rate of the clients we are attracting. These clients come to us ready to develop at a fast pace in high-quality locations. They are able to borrow more and be more successful quickly, which results in higher deal volume.

Third, we are known for getting deals done! We have never claimed to be the least expensive, but take great pride in our ability to get transactions to the finish line, regardless of the many obstacles that might come up. This reputation attracts like-minded clients who also have the unique ability to get transactions done.

Fourth, we’ve seen an exciting shift from one-off transactions to clients who have chosen Stark Capital Solutions as their sole capital provider for all projects. Historically we had many clients who would use our financing for only one specific project, while using other lenders or investors for others. More and more of our clients now use us for all of their funding.

Fifth, there’s been a shift in the macro-economy over the past few months. Interest rates spiked in 2023, causing a massive and short-lived shift toward caution as everyone waited to see how the turbulent economy would play out. Since then, interest rates – while still high – have plateaued and it seems that the industry has adjusted its expectations and is now ready to move forward with new investments.

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